About this blog

Hello, welcome at my Explore Holland blog!

Always when I book my holidays I search for nice websites and blogs about my destination. First I had the idea to start a blog about Asia but then realized that blogging about Holland can be much nicer and easier because I live there. I can go and visit any place of interest at any time, make photos and write my blog. Living in Amsterdam I am near by most top places of interest, but as the Netherlands is a fairly small country everything is at short distance and travel times.

In the first place I hope to have a lot of fun in creating this blog. Having something from myself where I can upload my photos and write stories is what attracts me. I like photography but always need a sort of goal or reason to go and make photos. And usually I really enjoy writing my travel stories. So with this blog I have the reason to go and make photos and I am combining the 2 things I like to do. Secondly I want to provide some nice and useful information on the Netherlands, especially for foreign tourists. I know from experience how useful such blogs can be, especially when there are also nice and clear photos provided with the information.

So, let’s get started. Enjoy reading my blog, and hopefully it will help you deciding where to go and what to do in beautiful and exciting Holland.