Public Transport planner

This Public Transport planner is linked to the Dutch Public Transport company and therefore always up-to-date with latest information. Unfortunately there is no English version available, but it is quite easy to to use. For some translated information please look below the planner.

First you select if you wish to travel from a postcode area, or an address, or a trainstration. If address is selected you have to provide either the street and city or city alone.
van = from
straat = street
plaats = city
naar = to

Then you can select if you wish to travel by train, bus, metro, tram or boat. Just keep it all selected as it will provide you the fastest way to get to your destination.
Then the date and time have to be selected either for vertrek (=depart) or aankomst (=arrival)

Click on the button "Geef reisadvies" (= provide travel advise)

Also this advise is in Dutch but not hard to understand, and otherwise you can ask a Dutch person for some help, most of us do speak English.

Another option is to go to the official website of the Public Transport company and click on the English flag for English version. Here is the link: