Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Liberty Park: "War belongs in a museum"

"War belongs in a museum" is the motto of the Dutch National War and Resistance Museum. We should have learnt enough from history and make sure it will never happen again. But still "freedom cannot be taken for granted". A powerful message from Liberty Park in Overloon.

In Liberty Park you can visit the National War and Resistance Museum and the Marshall Museum. The park offers peace, space and freedom to think about the efforts that had to be made for liberty.

It is this place in Overloon, where the biggest tank battle of Dutch history took place. After the war the museum is established on the battlefield on the same soil where the infantry fought man to man. The guns, tanks and other vehicles that were abandoned and left behind were brought together in this park. '

For many years the collection was kept outdoors but for better preservation of all artefacts everything is relocated indoors. Now also our future generations will be able to see with their own eyes how the battle of Overloon was fought.

Besides the battle of Overloon during the liberation of the south of the Netherlands you will also experience the occupation and persecution as well as the resistance and D-Day. You are invited to think about war and oppression. How far are you allowed to go when the issue concerns keeping, and if need to be, winning back freedom?

National War and Resistance Museum
Here the history of Second World War is being presented. Here you will see the story of more than fifty million who lost their lives. But you will also see how the oppressed population managed to cope with restrictions and shortages in a resourceful way. There is attention for the resistance and persecution and of course to the liberation with special attention to the battle of Overloon.
Marshall Museum
More than 150 historical vehicles, vessels and aircrafts provide an excellent view of the military efforts during the Second World War. There are also layouts which provide a picture of the invasion in Normandy on D-Day, the battle of Arnhem and the battle of the Ardennes. The materials which are being displayed are in top condition and look as new after being made roadworthy again.

What happened in Overloon?
In September 1944, Montgomery devised the Market Garden attack plan. The combination of airborne landings at Arnhem and clearing a narrow corridor through the southern Netherlands was supposed to facilitate the further advance to Berlin. The plan was only half successful. The allied troops wanted to widen and reinforce their corridor. However, the German opponent tried to cut the Allies off. They came to blows on 30 September near Overloon. German Panther tanks and American Sherman tanks fired upon each other continuously. About a week later, British troops joined the battle as well. Eventually, it took almost three weeks before Overloon, and Venray further south, were liberated. The Battle at Overloon is known as the heaviest tank battle ever on Dutch soil. In the museum you will still find several vehicles from that battle, such as a German Panther tank, and British and American tanks and guns.

Visitor information

The museum is open all year round, except on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, 31 December and New Year’s Day.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday: 10:00-17:00
Weekend and holidays: 11:00-17:00
It is recommended that you allow 3-4 hours for your visit.


Liberty Park

Museumpark 1

5825 AM Overloon

The Netherlands
tel: + 31 - 478 - 641250

Overloon (Noord-Brabant) is approx. 150 km from Amsterdam which is about 1:45 by car from Amsterdam.

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